"Saumwegsperren" in Übelbach

A special kind of event that is only held every 2 years with music and many culinary delicacies in Übelbach. The former mule tracks are remembered and celebrated at the Bockstaller, Pobi and Plotscherbauer alpine huts. The transport of goods via the Glein and Stubalpe is banned by Emperor Friedrich III in 1489 due to loss of the toll in Leoben. On the other hand, these mountain crossings were quite impassable at that time, often only a narrow path led through the mountains. It was impossible for carts to get any further. Which is why the loads were carried by horses and donkeys, the pack animals. At that time, "Säumerei" (mules carrying cargo) was a trade in its own right, the word "Saum" in German means "load".

11:00 - 18:00