OberGraz presents the Gleinalm experience

The hiking region Gleinalm is among the foothills of the Eastern Alps and is, with its gentle ridges, one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Styria. There are various ways of reaching this area from OberGraz. The Gleinalm is actually a pure hiking alp. The mountain refuge can be reached in a three-hour from Krautwasch. At certain dates and times, however, it is permitted to travel there conveniently by car via Neuhof near Übelbach.

The early bird gets the worm …
The morning is one of the most beautiful times to be up on the mountain. When nature awakes and the sun slowly rises above the horizon, the Gleinalm presents a magically beautiful view. Early risers are offered the opportunity to experience a unique view of OberGraz and to enjoy a delightful mountain breakfast. From Peggau, one can travel up and up to the Gleinalm mountain refuge very comfortably by taxi. The mountain refuge can otherwise only be reached by foot. Mountain air gives you an appetite. It makes the alpine breakfast in the mountain refuge taste especially good. There is no better way to start the day. Gleinalm Breakfast Dates: 9 June, 14 July, 11 August, 8 September 2019.

Departure from Peggau Railway Station: each time at 7.45 am (the urban railway from Graz arrives at 7.30 am), information on the departure times and reservation from Schlegl Deutschfeistritz T +43/664/88752300